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If you are interested in relocating your business to a regional area then Bathurst offers a strong business case.

Positive Growth

Bathurst has experienced a steady population growth of 1.3% (ten-year average) and has been one of the fastest growth areas of all regional inland Cities in NSW (ABS: Regional Population Growth, Australia, 2011-2012).

Transport and Access

Bathurst is located at the junction of the Great Western, Mid Western and Mitchell Highways, providing links from western NSW, east to Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong and south to Canberra, ALL within four hours.

Bathurst has reliable and dynamic transport operators, able to distribute a wide range of goods to and from Bathurst in a cost effective and efficient manner. Did you know that getting your product to Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra is approximately the same distance as if your business was located in Sydney?

Bathurst also has two train terminals, Grainforce and Kelso Logistics that can offer containerised transport to Port Botany, Newcastle and Wollongong Ports.

Diverse Economy

A strong and diverse economy underpins the Bathurst Community with retail, manufacturing and education being the main employment industries. Bathurst has over 3,240 GST registered businesses (2013) and as the hub of central New South Wales, provides access to a market of more than 8 million people, fostering and attracting new business for the Region's competitive strengths.

Land Availability

One advantage that Bathurst offers over other regional centres is the availability of greenfield sites for industrial purposes. The main industrial area is located metres from the main Great Western Highway allowing easy access to markets. There are also opportunities to secure main highway frontage land.

Bathurst also has a well developed Services and Trade Centre with available land for future growth. There are also commercial opportunities available in a growing retail sector with the central business district well supported by adequate car parking.

Water Security

The Region has not been placed on water restrictions in recent memory with Bathurst Regional Council planning for future infrastructure based on an increasing population. The Council has an annual operating budget of over $110 million and strategically plans and manages for a growing population in terms of infrastructure such as sewerage treatment works, waste management, water provision and storage and recreational facilities.

Retail Catchment

The catchment shopping area for Bathurst is approximately 146,000 people. Bathurst Regional Council has implemented a CBD and Bulky Goods Strategy and is working hard to fulfill the requirements of the Strategy.

Prodevelopment Council

Bathurst Regional Council is considered a prodevelopment Council by many of the region's major developers. The Council has an active Economic Development Committee and will work with you to efficiently and effectively process your DA.

New Infrastructure projects planned for Bathurst

Bathurst is booming! Since the start of 2010 Council has received over 20 enquiries from companies and businesses either wishing to relocate their business to Bathurst or start a new branch. This is also reflected through the number of major infrastructure projects being planned in Bathurst including the $21million retail/bulky goods development approved for Sydney Road, the expansion of Westpoint Shopping Centre and a development approved $100million intermodal terminal.