Bathurst Region - Live, Visit, Invest, Study

Bathurst provides a hub for transportation of goods, ensuring effective and efficient delivery of supplies and or despatch to all markets by road, rail or air.

Bathurst is located at the junction of the Great Western, Mid Western and Mitchell Highways, providing links from western NSW, east to Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong and south to Canberra. All destinations are within four hours.

Bathurst has reliable and dynamic road transport operators able to distribute a wide range of goods to and from Bathurst in a cost effective and efficient manner. Bathurst also has two train terminals that can offer containerised transport to Port Botany, Newcastle and Wollongong Ports. There is also a $100 million development approved Intermodal Terminal located on the Sydney Road.

The airport provides unique commercial opportunities for logistics, freight handling and property development through local providers.

Our transport operators are keen to demonstrate just how cost effective it will be by having your business in Bathurst.