Bathurst Region - Live, Visit, Invest, Study


Bathurst has a highly skilled and diverse workforce with a large catchment area to draw from.

Bathurst has a healthy and wide spread employment market of over 17,000 people locally and in excess of 50,000 people in the wider region to accommodate your employment needs.

Bathurst has experienced a steady population growth of 1.6% (five-year average). Since the 2001 Census, our workforce qualification levels have also been steadily increasing. According to the 2011 ABS Census, 28.5% of Bathurst Regional Council area's local labour force have a tertiary qualification which is higher than the Regional NSW average of 25.7%.

As a leading educational hub in NSW, Bathurst has access to a large market force of young people. Some of the state's leading training and education institutions are located in Bathurst and provide the region with opportunities for up-skilling and skill diversification to continually meet the demands of a growing economy.

There are over ten employment agencies located in Bathurst to assist with work placements and recruiting. The Western Advocate features employment/career opportunities every day with Tuesday and Saturday being the major employment days.