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Heritage Management

Heritage Strategy

In accordance with the Department of Planning, Heritage Branch requirements, Bathurst Regional Council has prepared and adopted a Heritage Strategy that outlines the actions and strategies that Council will undertake during the three year funding agreement. Afull copy of the Strategy can be downloaded from the Heritage Managemnt section of Council's website, below.

Heritage Advisory Service

Council provides a free heritage advisory service for those who own old buildings or sites. Advice can be provided on maintenance, colour schemes andfututre development options. To make an appointment contact the Environmental Planning and Building Service Department on (02) 6333 6211

Bathurst Region Local Heritage Fund

Council, in conjunction with the Heritage Branch Department of Planning, offer small grants for maintenance and repairs to older buildings and sites.

To find out more contact Councils Environmental Planning and Building Service department on (02) 6333 6211


Council has completed the following key studies in the last few years:

  • Bathurst Region Heritage Study 2007
  • Bridle Track Conservation Management Plan
  • Rural Cemeteries Conservation Management Plan

Contact Council's Environmental Planning and Building Service Department for a copy of any study.

Key studies currently underway include:

  • Archaeological Managment Plan for the LGA
  • Bridges CMP


The Bathurst and Kelso Heritage Trails provide a historic walk through Bathurst and Kelso highlighting key historic sites. Brochures for the trails are available from the Visitor Information Centre.

Council's Heritage Advisor has produced two cemetery interpretation booklets which reflect on the lives of those inferred in the regions rural cemeteries and the Bathurst City cemeteries. The "100 Lives of Bathurst" and the "100 Lives of the Bathurst Region" are available from the Visitor Information Centre.