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Considering a move to Bathurst? Relocating to Bathurst will be an attractive adventure. Once you are here, you will wonder why didn’t you make the move sooner! You will be welcomed by a warm community, meet new people and be presented with new opportunities and experiences that you never thought possible. Below you will find some excellent reasons why a move to Bathurst will change your life for the better!


Affordability is one of Bathurst’s key strengths. The average house price for a 3 bedroom home is $321,000 (RP Data 2014) compared with Sydney’s inner ring $831,000 (All Dwellings: RP Data 2014). The average weekly rental for a three bedroom home in Bathurst is $320 compared with $850 for Sydney’s inner ring (Housing NSW 2014). Living a quality life in Bathurst will not mean having to pay expensive taxi fares for a night out or fighting for a car space before facing the long queues at the supermarket which will save you time and money in the long run. Living costs are comparable with metro areas in terms of groceries, bulky goods and lifestyle expenses.

Great Community Infrastructure

A first class Entertainment Centre, Regional Art Gallery, Indoor aquatic centre and regional sporting fields are only a part of the great infrastructure that supports the Bathurst community. The area is serviced by three major highways. Catering for an annual influx of an added 50,000 people each year for the Bathurst 1000, means the city is well serviced with everything required for a comfortable life. Bathurst Regional Council has an annual operating budget of $115million and plans its infrastructure on a projected population of 80,000 residents.


Bathurst really is the best of both worlds - a beautiful country lifestyle just two and a half hours from Sydney. Bathurst is Australia’s oldest inland settlement located just over 200 kilometres west of Sydney on the Macquarie River. The region is conveniently located with effective transport links to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra and there is no shortage of things to see and do if you want to explore or take a lazy Sunday drive.

Water Security

In Bathurst you can enjoy a hot shower and the joy of a blooming garden in a city that has no water restrictions. While other inland Regional Cities are searching for water solutions, residents in Bathurst have been fortunate that Bathurst Regional Council had planned for the future, upgrading its main water supply 10 years ago to prepare for an increasing population. Ongoing strategic plans ensure the city’s sewerage treatment works, waste management, water provision and storage and recreational facilities are well equipped to manage the demand of a growing regional city.

Education Hub

As a demographically young city with the median age being 36, Bathurst is supported by a strong educational sector.There are over 55 institutions from the headquarters of Charles Sturt University, to 6 high schools and pre-school and family Day Care Schemes. Learning can be a lifelong experience in Bathurst. The biggest employer, the Education industry supports over 2000 residents. These institutions not only provide excellent education, but also many of their students reinvest their skills into the local economy, providing our city with a diverse and highly employable skills base.

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