Bathurst Region - Live, Visit, Invest, Study


ArmstrongA great place to live, work and play

"Everything we have discovered and explored in more detail since moving to Bathurst has convinced us this is a great place to live, work and play at any stage of life." Lesley and John Armstrong chat about their relocation from Sydney earlier this year. John has opened a new audio visual business servicing the Central NSW Region. 




McKellarLife is as busy as you want it to be!

"What a great range of sporting activities and facilities and restaurants/cafés. The standard of living is excellent and the lifestyle is as busy as you want it to be." Clint McKellar describes Bathurst as "My favourite place to live so far - really enjoyable". Clint relocated to Bathurst for career progression and lifestyle reasons and loves the proximity to Sydney.




SharmiSurprised by the opportunities

"There are opportunities here you need to keep working at it." Merryl and Sharmi David were originally from Sri Lanka. Sharmi is working as a Doctor for the Christian Medical Centres and enjoys the relaxed friendly people more than anything else.




TannerI can spend more time with my family

"Rather than being stuck in a traffic jam I can spend more time with my family." Hear from Tim Tanner who relocated with his family from Sydney in 2009. Tim now owns his own plumbing business and has never been happier!




businessGreat place to start up a new business

"Bathurst captures a broad range of people... it's proximity to Sydney and a large potential market is a positive for our business." Bev and Ian Glen from Scotland, established the successful Stone Pine Distillery in 2008 using organic and local produce.




KingsEducation in Bathurst is fantastic!

"Bathurst provides a wide range of educational options... Private, Public and a University". Angus and Kati Gibbons relocated with their 3 children to Bathurst, and also own and operate a local hotel. The affordability of housing and industry was a main attraction for the family.