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Bathurst was declared a townsite on 7 May 1815 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie making it Australia's oldest inland settlement and as such an important regional centre and gateway for much of the exploration and development that took place in inland New South Wales.

This process was accelerated in 1851 by the discovery of Australia's first payable gold in the region. As a result, the city has a strong heritage reinforced by a rich culture with both historic and contemporary components.

Historic Buildings

The city of Bathurst has one of the most important and intact nineteenth and early twentieth century 'townscapes' in New South Wales. Many workers' cottages, industrial and commercial buildings, terrace houses, mansions, slab huts and grand civic structures from 1815 to the 1950 remain intact. Architecture The Colonial Period (1815-1840) Buildings of this time were simple structures, mostly of characteristic Bathurst red brick, sometimes lime washed, with twelve paned windows and four o

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Famous People

Governors, prime ministers, saints and sporting legends

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Miltary History

Memorials, army camps and minesweepers! Memorials stand proud throughout the city dedicated to the brave men and women who served their country, remembering the South African Boer War, WWl & WWll. On the outskirts of the city is the site of a WWll army training camp, visit Bathurst's Army Camp for further information. During WWll there were 60 Australian minesweepers built, this is the story of the HMAS Bathurst, one of those minesweepers. Bathurst's War Memorial Carillon was built as a me

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Cobb & Co

See an original Cobb & Co Coach that was integral to transport of passengers, post and gold to and from the goldfields of the 1850s.

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Although Ben Hall is the best known bushranger to visit the Bathurst region he wasn’t the first. In September 1830 a group of escaped convicts led by Ralph Entwhistle roamed the area stealing food, guns and horses.

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Migrant Camp

At the entrance to Heritage Park on Limekilns Road is a memorial dedicated to the people who began their lives in Australia. Clumps of concrete footings and rubble Are all that remains of the original huts.

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There’s gold in them there hills… this cry is still heard today. From the first flecks of gold found by convicts building roads to the Holtermann Nugget gold fever created the boom and bust of regional villages.

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Historic Quick facts

Did you know the Bathurst area produced the first grapes and hops in the country and that Australia’s first medical X-ray was taken by Father Slattery at St Stanislaus College in 1896? Find out more quirky facts about Bathurst.

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Walking Tours

Being the oldest inland settlement, the streets of Bathurst have seen many grand moments in history. The streetscapes today are lined with impressive buildings, marvellous monuments and beautiful parks reflecting the history of the city.

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