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The impressive Bathurst War Memorial Carillon was many years in the planning with local citizens raising funds for its construction through a variety of activities including the sale of bricks. Building commenced in 1928 but the tower was not completed until 1933. Originally intended to commemorate people from the region who had died in World War 1 it has since become a living tribute to those who have served in all theatres of war. The official dedication on 11 November 1933 was performed by Mayor Martin Griffin and attended by an estimated 15,000 people.

Carillon facts:


  • 212,000 locally made bricks were used in the construction.
  • The tower has 3 levels and is 30 metres high.
  • 35 bells make up the carillon.
  • Largest one weighs 1575 kgs.
  • Smallest weighs 8 kgs.
  • Each bell has Bathurst's coat of arms and an inscription cast into it.
  • Inscription on the largest reads
    'Thus Bathurst and her surrounding villages honour their men of 1914-1918.  Lest we forget.'
  • The second largest bell is inscribed
    'To the ever glorious memory of our fallen corades.  Greater love has no man than this that he laid down his life for his friends.'
  • The third largest bell carries the Red Cross emblem in honour of war nurses.
  • The other bells are named for the regional villages

The Carillon has now become a living tribute to all those who have served in any theatre of war and is the gathering place for remembrance services throughout the year.