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Walking Tours

Being the oldest inland settlement, the streets of Bathurst have seen many grand moments in history. The streetscapes today are lined with impressive buildings, marvellous monuments and beautiful parks reflecting the history of the city. And what better way to explore the streets than on foot. The range of self guided walking tours available will uncover the secrets, reveal the myths and explain the monuments! Comfortable walking shoes essential! A Walk through Machattie Park Machattie Park is situated on the site of the old Gaol c.1847, which was demolished in 1888. The park was named after Dr Richard Machattie, an early doctor who served several times as Mayor and was leader of a group who fought to have a park on the site. Machattie Park is bound by William, Keppel, George and Russell Streets. Download the Machattie Park Walk Information Sheet. Children's Riverpark Walk A walk designed for children so that they can learn a little about the history of Bathurst and the Macquarie River. The map shows where the points of interest are located on this walk. See if you can find the answers to the questions on the sheet. Additional information can be found in the adult sheet - Historic Riverpark Walk . Download the Children's Riverpark Walk brochure. Historic Milltown Walking Tour Enjoy a walk through what was once a thriving community. The walk starts at the Bathurst Railway Station, download the Milltown Walking Tour brochure for more information.