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Distance from Bathurst 25kms east Preferred route Great Western Highway.


Yetholme was first known as Frying Pan, a name that is believed to have originated during the early 1800s when a frying pan was left hanging on the wall of a hut for use by anyone walking the road. The parish of Yetholme was proclaimed on 27 July 1896 and the area was a popular tourist resort during the late 1800s to early 1900s.


Positioned 1180 metres above sea level, Yetholme is one of the highest points on the Blue Mountains, with nearby views overlooking the Bathurst plains. The deviation of the Great Western Highway has taken traffic away from the old village so the beautiful old church and homes are no longer visible to the average traveller. The area is dotted with pine plantations and native woodlands, including the Wambool Nature Reserve, that provide plenty of opportunity for exploration by bushwalkers and nature lovers.

What to do & see

Spot some of the 38 species of terrestrial orchids or the richly varied native vegetation in the Wambool Nature Reserve on Timber Ridge Road, while keeping an eye open for echidnas, ring-tailed possums, grey kangaroos and swamp wallabies that inhabit the area. Try to find the elusive Purple Copper Butterfly (also known as the Bathurst Copper). Take a bushwalk along one of the two trails that traverse the Reserve or hop on your mountain bike for a ride along the forest trails in the area.


Service station, picnic areas, galleries, active church.
Accommodation includes motel, B&B and eco cabins.
Yetholme Village Map